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Celebrate with family, friends & our community!

Friday, November 19, 2021 
5:30 -8:30 PM!

     All slots are full BUT we will still accept walk in's for this event! So if you would like a to-go meal and missed the sign-ups, please show at the location Friday between 6-730 PM! 


     Please pay attention to the details as certain notices in our Terms and Agreements need to be acknowledged to avoid confusion during the meal (see below).


We look forward to serving you! Happy Holidays!

Local sponsors of this event:

     Because our local businesses, community groups, churches, social clubs, and organizations contribute to making this possible we want you to know who is a part of this! Creating the heart of the community is important for all members herein. We have locally funded without any state or federal funds so this event is a community action to share and celebrate being a part of this community! To give credit to who has partnered and donated to make this possible here are those who are supporting this event [only those who elected to be presented online are listed]:

How it all started:

Starting in 2017, our local group cooked up seven large turkeys, smoked the meat, made massive trays of sides and served over 250 plates of delicious homemade thanks-giving to our community [at a local church downtown - Mercy Hill Church of Blairsville]. Due to location changes of that church we had trouble locating a venue to host the meal. Due to the generosity of other business in the community we can now host the meal again and look to increase amount of meals served every year! Nevertheless, in the midst of the pandemic of 2020 we still were able to feed over 200 meals to-go with help with the Department of Health of PA.

We use this meal to allow those in our community to celebrate a meal of gratitude together, local businesses contribute from the cooking, preparation and serving. Enjoy the meal, enjoy the fellowship and give to making our community whole! 

Terms & Conditions:

Here are the terms, conditions, and requirements for this event which you need to be aware of:

  • The meal is free to anyone who reserves in advance. But we do have a donation box to collect free items for the holiday help give away in December. Please consider bringing one or more of the following items below so we can give 12 local families a happy holiday meal and gifts (you can learn more about the Holiday Help Group on our events page of this website):

      Suggested donations needed include:

     ● Boxed stuffing
     ● Boxed mashed potato flakes
     ● Canned or powdered gravy 
     ● Canned vegetables
     ● Toys (must be new and unwrapped)
     ● Jackets (must be new and unwrapped)
     ● Hats and mittens (must be new and unwrapped)
     ● Amazon or Wal-Mart gift cards to purchase items needed
            ● Monetary donations can be submitted through
                the donate link on our page
        (100% of all items and/or funds will go to this program)


  • Given the current mask policies in place [due to Covid-19]  if an attendee does not wear a mask we will assume it is for a medical condition and we will NOT inquire to protect your privacy. 

  • All attendees are required to be on time, within 10 minutes post, or forgo their reservation. Each seating reservation slot has to end at the required time for proper cleaning and resetting for the next group.

  • We can not guarantee that allergies can be accommodated due to the combined cooking process at the facility. So please ensure you protect yourself as we cannot guarantee anything specific. 

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