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      Holidays are an amazing time of year! It's time for family, friends, and loved ones to gather and spend quality time with each other. There is also pressure to make your family have a great holiday and often circumstances can slow that desire to only a dream. The Holiday Help Group is a collaboration of local individuals, businesses, and organizations to charitably provide relief to our fellow Blairsville community members in need. By working together we can bring holiday cheer to families that don't have the means due to layoffs, family/financial hardships, or poverty. And by teaming together, we can make a difference!

      A large meal was provided to each family, along with some extra food items and gifts appropriate to the children’s ages for each family selected! 100% of all items and/or funds will go to those in need! Your tax-deductible gifts go to the families to give them a better holiday! 

Suggested donations needed include:

  • Boxed stuffing 

  • Boxed mashed potato flakes

  • Canned, jarred, or powdered gravy 

  • Canned vegetables (any)

  • Toys (MUST BE NEW and unwrapped)

  • Jackets (MUST BE NEW and unwrapped)

  • Hats and mittens (MUST BE NEW and unwrapped)

  • Amazon or Wal-Mart gift cards to purchase items needed

  • Monetary donations can be submitted through the donate link
    (100% of all items and/or funds will go to this program)

2023's Plans Coming Soon!

Your items can be dropped off at the current collection points: 

  • The projected date of distribution is tentatively set for Wednesday, December 21, 2022!

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